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Brightkite is a location-aware based social network that allows you to share photos and notes based on your location at a particular time. You check-in when you arrive somewhere, and Brightkite updates your friends as to your location.

Additionally, the service builds upon user-generated content to allow you to see who else has been to a particular place, any photos they took there and what they may have thought about it. It can even tag your Tweets with your current location. (There are plenty of built-in privacy features for those of you wondering.)

So why the uptick today? TechCrunch has a preview of the long-awaited Brightkite for iPhone application.

See what others are saying about Brightkite on Twitter.

PS I’m on Brightkite.¬†And I have invites. Feel free to add me or email me for an invite, though I only tend to go to the kiddie park and the library so it’s not very exciting to follow me.


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