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#womma (Quickpost)

#womma is the hashtag for the Word of Mouth Marketing Association’s Summit and Research Symposium. (Hadn’t you heard?) From the site:

“WOMMA is the official trade association for the word of mouth marketing industry. Our members are the experts and innovators who have mastered the art and science of creating genuine customer enthusiasm, amplifying it, and sharing it with future fans. Our mission is to build a thriving profession based on best practices, effective standards, and ethical leadership.”

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#Quaker / #tas08 / #princess (Quickpost)

It’s been a bit lazy around here past couple of days and that might continue as I wrangle with some new projects. Will still try to do some Quickposts however. To that end:

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#fcf08 (Quickpost)

#fcf08 is the hashtag for following the tweets coming out of this years Forrester Consumer Forum in Dalllas, TX. From the site:

“The Internet and mobile technology have changed consumer behavior. Reaching consumers in the right channel at the right time is more complex than ever, especially as the influence of consumers’ networks and communities increases, and the challenges will only grow in the next 20 years.

At Forrester’s Consumer Forum 2008, you’ll learn proven strategies for winning customers’ dollars and loyalty today and in the future. Leading Forrester analysts will present research on how firms are responding to empowered consumers, and industry executives will share their companies’ experiences and best practices as they entice consumers in today’s multichannel environment.”

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#prsa08 (Quickpost)

#prsa08 is the hashtag for the Public Relations Society of Americas annual conference: The Point of Connection. From the site: 

“Communications professionals from around the country, Canada and other international locations are gathered in Detroit for four days of knowledge-packed workshops, sharing strategies and making new connections.”

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Podcamp. Hawaii. #pch08 = Podcamp Hawaii 2008.

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This years’ Web 2.0 Expo Europe Conference is happening October 21-23 in Berlin. Judging by the bulk of the tweets today it’s very well-attended. From the Conference site:

“To meet the increasing demand for Web 2.0 comprehension and skills, and to foster a broader European Web 2.0 community, O’Reilly Media and Techweb launched Web 2.0 Expo Europe in 2007. A companion event to the Web 2.0 Summit and the U.S. Web 2.0 Expos in San Francisco and New York, this event is the conference and tradeshow for everyone looking to embrace and build on the opportunities created by Web 2.0 technologies.”

There is a Web 2.0 Expo account on Twitter, though it seems more directed at attendees, than casual fans. You can, however, catch slideshows, etc. from the Web 2.0 Expo Proceedings. Some really good stuff there so far. News and other coverage is also available.

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The Converge South 2008 conference is happening today in Greensboro, NC at North Carolina A&T University. What is Converge South? From the site:

“ConvergeSouth is the South’s only free conference focused on moving North Carolina toward breakthroughs in creativity and divserity on the web.  Exploring the digital revolution in publishing and expression, ConvergeSouth focuses on radical digital publishing, videocasting, podcasting and blogging.”

Robert Scoble is there and he (and quite a few others) are live blogging the event and trying to capture it all in a FriendFeeed Room. More information can be found on the Converge South Blog.

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