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Mr. Blackwell, the enigmatic style critic whose list of Worst-Dressed Celebrities was know to strike fear into the hearts of Starlets (and Stylists) everywhere has died. From his wikipedia entry:

“Richard Blackwell (born Richard Sylvan Selzer on August 29, 1922 – October 19, 2008) was a fashion critic, journalist, television and radio personality, artist, former child actor and former fashion designer, sometimes known just as Mr. Blackwell. He was the creator of the Ten Worst Dressed Women list, an annual awards presentation he unveiled in January of each year. He published the “Fabulous Fashion Independents” list and an annual Academy Awards fashion review, both of which receive somewhat less media attention. His longtime companion, former Beverly Hills hairdresser, Robert Spencer, managed him. He wrote two books, Mr. Blackwell: 30 Years of Fashion Fiascos and an autobiography, From Rags to Bitches.”

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