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It’s The Great / Great Pumpkin / Charlie Brown (Quickpost)

Guess what. Movie is. On tonight.

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“Boss’s Day”

Attention Bosses everywhere: today is your one and only day to complain about your employees not being nice to you! (OK, I suppose technically, as the Boss, you’re allowed to do whatever you want. But today it’s official.)

Some bosses are reaping the benefits, some, not so much and some have taken a preemptive approach:

  • Boss’s Day: Katie takes me to lunch!
  • Feeling upset because I just found out it’s Boss’s Day, and I didn’t get them anything.
  • Nancy got me a container of candy corn for Boss’s day…I love candy corn!
  • So hang on. I paid $5 to contribute to a card and balloons for Boss’s Day for a boss who would throw me under the bus to save his ass? Cool.
  • Goin to get the kids. I wonder if they’ll give me anything for Boss’s day. hardee har har

And much to the regret of bosses everywhere, lots of people seem to have forgotten. Have you? Then go hug your Boss! (Or not.) 

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