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Twitpanto (Quickpost)

Had to come out of hibernation as this one piqued my interest. Those who did not grow up in the UK (me) might not recognize panto as being short for pantomime, a Christmas tradition across the pond (and elsewhere).

It would appear that some twitterers have organized themselves to bring the tradition to Twitter! Near as I can tell, they’re doing Cinderella and have a stage director and everything.

The festivities start at 2pm GMT on the 23rd of December.

Follow the #twitpanto live on Twitter.


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If I’ve learned one thing doing this blog it’s that if something inexplicably trends, start with the moms. Last night some of the mommytweeters, starting joking around by tagging their posts with #boobs. And then all hell broke loose. The hashtag rippled through this (smallish) gang of merry pranksters, but once it started to trend, everyone piled on.

And some have picked up on it to carry the torch for #boobs this evening.

I reckon there’s a opportunity here to have some fun and to raise awareness for an issue. How about it ladies?

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#badfirstdate (Quickpost)

Hardly needs explaining, but man this rose up fast… Some faves so far:

  • I though we were just hanging out. She though we had already been dating for a week. Ooops?
  • we got lost, tried to turn around, I got my 79 Caprice stuck in ditch and had to wait an hour before anyone could help us
  • took her bowling. Ran into her ex and she left me to bowl with him. Story of my life…I set ’em up, others knock ’em down.
  • a blind-date and she told me right away she was only doing it to make another man jealous. Then talked about him all night.
  • Fell backwards while sitting on an outdoor handrail, my purse also fell and hit me on the head. Later on, I hit a parked car.
  • He had no car, so I drove; then he forgot his wallet @ dinner. However, he was very sweet and 3 1/2 yrs later, here we are!

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It’s The Great / Great Pumpkin / Charlie Brown (Quickpost)

Guess what. Movie is. On tonight.

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Snow (Quickpost)

Based on the speed at which these tweets are coming in, it’s snowing. A lot. Even in England. Some are seeing it for the first time. Heck, it’s even brought Jerry back from the grave. Also Snow Patrol has a new album out.

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This one here is a fun one and doesn’t take a lot of explanation, which is good because I’m exhausted. If you had Twitter in 1998, what would you be tweeting about? I’m loving (but not totally understanding) all of the international participation.

Check out the most awesome #Twitter1998 responses on Twitter.

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With the arrival of the weekend, seems the twitterverse is announcing its feelings toward Saturdays:

  • I love Saturdays…
  • it should never rain on saturdays!
  • I hate working on Saturdays.
  • ready for one of those Saturdays with a bit of everything
  • Saturdays are so exciting!
  • Yay for Saturdays!
  • Thank you Jesus for rainy Saturdays, pumpkin spice lattes and for finally making at least one of my diet dr. pepper caps a winner.
  • who knew that they had 5:30am’s on Saturdays?

See what others think about Saturdays on Twitter.

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