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Phew! This one took me a while as I’m not as plugged in to the mom set on Twitter as I thought I was. GNO? That’s Girls Night Out, a virtual social night for Moms (and the people who love them?) on Twitter. Judging by the fast and furious pace of the tweets, I’d call it a rousing success. (At the time of this posting it’s second only to #canadavotes.) Most exciting? On perusing the tweets, I see a lot on new twitterers being shown the ropes. If you’re reading this now, welcome!

Near as I can tell the brains behind all of this are Good and Crazy People and Jyl at MommyGossip. Looks like it’ll be a regular Tuesday night thing.

Follow the moms having a #gno on Twitter.


October 15, 2008 at 3:13 am 6 comments



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