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One of the great mysteries of Twitter —just who was that soulless person who decided to unfollow you (the nerve!) —has been an application waiting to happen. Wait no more. Qwitter is here. Enter your twitter name and e-mail address to get authenticated, and site will tell you which of those ingrates unfollowed you and the post that may/or may not have led them to it. The site follows one of my favorite mantras: a simple idea, brilliantly executed. 

Some reports of problems this morning as the site is getting hammered by masochists looking to see who unfollowed them (and perhaps even why). This site will no doubt be creating some buzz for quite a while, and lends further credence to my idea that a “mute” feature is sorely lacking at Twitter. All the benefits of Qwitter, with none of the hard feelings.

Congrats to @eoghanmccabe for creating something that everyone will use but no one will cop to. 😉

Follow the Qwitter action on Twitter.


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