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Sorry Arsenio Hall fans, seeing “woot-off” in your twitterstream does not mean that the late, great Arsenio Hall Show is coming back to late night television. 

It means that discount retail site (“one day. one deal.”) is in the middle of another one of their selling frenzies. Normally, posts a single item to its page every day and when that item sells out, the fun is over. But during a woot-off, whoo boy the deals are fast and furious. As soon as one item sells out, another is immediately posted to the site. And so on, and so on, throughout the day. You can find everything from LCD Monitors, Glow in the Dark Remote Controls, Mediocre Luggage Sets, and much much more.

You never know what will crop up, so be sure keep checking the page throughout the day (or follow @wootblabber) for deals you might not be able to pass up.

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